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1. Programme
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... in Programming Methodologies from the traditional languages. The way the web work (c/s Architecture), Role of the internet information Service (IIS), Object Orientation in .net Language, Built in Class ...
2. Multimedia
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
Digital Architecturing(5) Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier Autodesk 3Ds Max, v-ray Autodesk Autocad Fashion Designing(4) Adobe Photoshop CoralDraw Adobe Illustrator  ...
3. Career courses
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... CertifiedSoftware Professional) 2 years Semester 1 Module 1, Module 2 & Module 3: of DCAcourse Semester 2 Module 4 Module 5 of PGDCA Course. Semester 3 Module: 6 Web Technologies & Services,Flash, ...
4. Multimedia and Web Designing
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... SVG, Form elements and attributes, geolocation and property, input types in html5, semantics elements, playing a youtube video in html, S.S.E(server sent events) web storage, App cache, web workers.  ...
5. Multimedia & Web designing
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... Extruding. Diploma in Web Designing 4 Months Modules Covered: This is a complete courseoriented towards the designing of web pages, sites using various powerfull tools like HTML,Adobe ...
6. Programing and Language
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... The way the web work (C/SArchitecture), Role of the Internet Information Server (IIS), Object Orientation in .Net Language, BuiltIn Class Libraries and Name spaces, Creation of user classes, Implementation ...
7. Live Projects
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... web based password phishing. IMED- Interactive Medical Search Engine. BMQ Processor. Open Smart Class Room. .net Projects Mail Server with ai I med I doc sever ...
8. Courses
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
LCC learning centre’s provide cost effective and industry-focused education solutions for individuals who want to enhance their careers. LCC training is finely honed so that students maintain ...
9. Corporate Training
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
LCC Cochin has spread its corporate training program’s to major corporate, banking / financial institutions, Central / State Government organizations, and public / private sector companies across ...
10. Our campus
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
Our campus photos
11. Welcome to our site
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
LCC Computer Education , which commenced operations in 1992 with the establishment of its first Premier training centre at Cochin, LCC has outgrown its original portfolio of activities and ...

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