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1. Programme
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... Abstract Class, Interfaces, Method overriding calling constructors of Super Classes, Exception Handling, Applets, life Cycle of an Applet, The Graphics Classes, painting the Applet, Parameter Passing to ...
2. Multimedia
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... Effects(6) Adobe Photoshop 3Ds Max 2011 Adobe Premier Adobe After Effect Digital Animation and Graphics Duration 6 months Adobe Photoshop CorelDraw Flash Principles of animation ...
3. Career courses
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) 6 Months Semester 1 Module: 1 Computer Concepts & Fundamentals,Operating system, Windows 7, MS Office 2010, (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point), ...
4. Basic and Courses
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... analysis (data table, scenarios, goal seek), Charts, Customize, Hyperlink, Working with graphics (picture, word art and clipart).  ...
5. Multimedia and Web Designing
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... Adobe Illustrator, Flash, 3D Max, HTML, Java Script, Dreamweaver, CSS, PHP, Live web hosting, Project. Web Animation & Graphics 6 Months Course covers: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ...
6. Accounting and Taxation
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... and outlining data, Validating data, Pivot table reports and pivot chart reports, Whatifanalysis (data table, scenarios, goal seek), Charts, Customize, Hyperlink, Working withgraphics (picture, word ...
7. Multimedia & Web designing
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... Animation & Graphics 6 Months Course covers: Adobe Photoshop, AdobeIllustrator, Flash, Particle Illusion, HTML, Java Script, Dreamweaver. Desk Top Publishing (DTP) 2 Months Modules ...
8. Programing and Language
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
...  Polimorphism, File Handling, Graphics, Friend Function. Visual Basic 6.0 1 Month Course covers: Object in forms, Multiple forms interface, OLE features, ODBC, ActiveX Exe, ActiveX ...
9. Corporate Training
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
LCC Cochin has spread its corporate training program’s to major corporate, banking / financial institutions, Central / State Government organizations, and public / private sector companies across ...
10. Our campus
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
Our campus photos
11. Welcome to our site
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
LCC Computer Education , which commenced operations in 1992 with the establishment of its first Premier training centre at Cochin, LCC has outgrown its original portfolio of activities and ...

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