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1. Programme
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... Libraries and Name spaces. Module 2 Creation of user classes, Implementation of OOPs, Creation of user functions including access specifiers and calling methods, Tier Architecture, n-tire technology, ...
2. Basic and Courses
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
... Storage classes C ++ 1 Month Course covers: Classes & Object,Constructors and Destructors, Inheritance, Polimorphism, File Handling, Friend Function. Visual Basic 6.0 1 ...
3. Programing and Language
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
C 1 Month Course covers: Intro to C, Variables, Function, Arrays, Pointers, Library functions, Storage classes C ++ 1 Month Course covers: Classes & Object, Inheritance, ...
4. Corporate Training
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
LCC Cochin has spread its corporate training program’s to major corporate, banking / financial institutions, Central / State Government organizations, and public / private sector companies across ...
5. Our campus
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
Our campus photos
6. Welcome to our site
(LCC/lcc Cochin)
LCC Computer Education , which commenced operations in 1992 with the establishment of its first Premier training centre at Cochin, LCC has outgrown its original portfolio of activities and ...

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