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ASP.NET 2018 - MVC

(10 Weeks)
Module 1
Introduction to .net platform, Introducing the .net environment IDE, .net framework and Common Language Runtime(CLR), Difference in programming methodologies from the traditional languages, The way the web work (c/s, architecture), Role of Internet Information Service (IIS), Object Orientation in .net language, Built in class libraries and Name spaces.
Module 2
Creation of user classes, Implementation of OOPs, Creation of user functions including access specifiers and calling methods, Tier architecture, N-tier technology, MVC(Code first and Data first), Generating and handling the web server control & events, The Auto Post Back property, Enhancing the server and client control validating web pages, Exception handling, Getting started with Database, Building up database through MSSQL server, ADO .net and Entity Framework, Shopping Carts, User controls, E-mailing, File uploading and downloading.
Module 3
Web services application using WCF, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Introduction to JSON, CSS, Ajax, Angular.


(4 Weeks)
AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets us use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express our application’s components clearly. Angular’s data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. Introduction to Angular, compare Angularjs1 and Angular, EcmaScript6 Features, TypeScript Features, Data Binding in Angular, Angular Dependency Injection, Understanding Component, Introduction to Directives, Pipes in Angular, Understanding Services, Routing & Navigation.


(4 Weeks)
Introduction, Syntax, Variables, Data types, Operators, functions (if else, else if, switch, while loops, for loops) Arrays, functions, string Forms, Form Validation, Date and Time, file upload, sessions, error handling, mySQL connection operations.


(4 Weeks)
Introduction to Word Press, Finding a home for your Word Press Site, Installation, Content Management using Word Press, Tools, Image Formats, Fonts and Colours, Designing Your Word Press Site, Default Layout, Themes and Templates, Widgets and Template Tags, Parent and Child Themes, Creating a Custom Site, Using Word Press as a Content Management System, Using Word Press Plugins.


(4 Weeks)
Introduction about Joomla and Joomla CMS, Installation &configuration of Joomla on local computer and Server, covert PSD (Photoshop or JPG file) to Joomla, How to create your own module, Creating a Website With Joomla, Admin / Dashboard panel knowledge and working, Module Installation, Component Installation, Creating Custom Theme, Menus and Sidebars, redesign Joomla website, Working with Admin panel, Make live new project on server, Adding, changing and deleting a page, Uploading content and manage it, Change header / logo image.


(3 Months)
CMS is an application that provides capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to manage content, data or information of a website project, or internet / intranet application. Managing content refers to creating, editing, archiving, publishing, collaborating on, reporting, distributing website content, data and information. It covers Html 5, PHP, Word- Press & Joomla


(6 Weeks)
Asynchronous JavaScript Everywhere, Introduction - What is Node.js, The importance of being asynchronous, Node.js Event loop, The Node.js process, File System, The FS Module, Reading Directories, Reading Files, Streams, Building servers, Creating servers with HTTP, Receiving data, Receiving data, Working with TCP, Building APIs using modules, events and packages, CommonsJS Modules, npm Packages, The Event Emitter API, ExpressJS, Introduction to ExpressJS, Routing, Configuration, Views, Middlewares, Working With Data, Working With Socket.io, Processes & Clusters, Child Process Module, Why clusters, The cluster object, The worker object, Best Practices, NPM, Best Practices, Node.js API design, Error Handling, Debugging.


(6 Weeks)
Getting started with XAMARIN, List view in xamarin forms, effects, custom list view, SQLLite, Activity and instant, views, MVVM, layouts, REST based webservice, Google map, location bases service, touch and Gestures.


(3 Weeks)
Introduction, Intro to mobile app Development, Hybrid vs Native Apps, ES6 JavaScript & TypeScript, Class & Interface, Decorators, Modules, Types, Reactive Native Components, Platform Specific Code Higher Order Component, Component Lifecyle, State Management, Model View Intent, Architecture, State Container, Redux, Actions, Reducers, Store, Data Flow, Middleware, React Redux,


(4 Months)
Html 5, CSS, javascript, jquary, Anjular JS, Node JS or React JS.


(8 Weeks)
Introduction to machine learning, Create a workspace - Upload data, Create experiment, Train and evaluate, Deploy web service, Access web service DataScience for Beginners , R quick start, How To Set up tools and utilities, Manage a workspace, Acquire and understand data, Import training data, Develop models, Create and train models, Operationalize models, Deploy models, Manage web services, Retrain models, Consume models, Sample experiments, Sample datasets, Azure PowerShell module (Classic), Algorithm & Module reference REST management APIs Web service error codes Related Azure AI Gallery Overview Industries Solutions Experiments Jupyter Notebooks Competitions Custom Modules Resources Azure Roadmap.


(4 Weeks)
Introductory Remarks about Python, Strengths and Weaknesses, A Brief History of Python, Python Versions, Installing Python, Environment Variables, Executing Python from the Command Line, IDLE, Editing Python Files, Getting Help, Dynamic Types, Python, Reserved Words, Naming Conventions, Slices, String Operators, Numeric Data Types, Conversions, Simple Input and Output, Function, Arrays, Class, Django Framework, Create project in Django, Url settings, view, templating, Page redirectionform processing, Database Communication.


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