Multimedia and Web Designing

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Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

2 Months
Modules covered: Windows, Adobe Photoshop Cs5, Corel Draw, Adobe PageMaker.

Diploma in Multimedia

4 Months
Modules covered: Adobe Photoshop Cs5, Corel Draw, Adobe PageMaker, 3D Studio MAX2011-level 1, Swish MX.

3Ds max with V-Ray

1 Month
3ds max covered: Viewport controls, Primitives, Modify, Group, Text, Modifier, Editable Poly, Extrude, Bevel, Cut, Bridge, Outline, Editable Spines, Boolean, Pro Boolean, Material, uvw map, Lighting, Sky light, Align, array, mirror, walk though animation And rendering
V-ray covered:Universal render set up, Material, lights, Sun light,

Adobe Photoshop CC

1 Month
Course covers: Canvas layout, Image color Correction, Layer Effects, Converting B/W photo into color, Photo effects, Filters, 3D objects.

Adobe Flash CS6

1 Month
Course covers: Motion & Classic Tweening, Shape Tweening, Gudie Animation, Buttons, Basic Action Scripting, Movie Clip, Sound, Masking.

Html 5

1 Month
Course covers: Introduction, New Elements, Canvas, draw on the canvas with javascript, draw line, draw path,draw circle, draw text..etc,Drag and Drop, Video & Audio, SVG, Form elements and attributes, geolocation and property, input types in html5, semantics elements, playing a youtube video in html, S.S.E(server sent events) web storage, App cache, web workers.

Diploma In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3 Months
Modules: Tactics & Methods, Web Site Domain, Relevant Filenames Design & Layout, Optimized Keywords, Optimized Metatags, Title Optimization, Optimized Anchor, Content is the King, Verifying Web Site, Hiring an Expert, Link Building, Misc Techniques, Summary.

Diploma In Adaptive And Responsive Web Technology

6 Months
Modules: Photoshop CC, HTML, Java Script, HTML 5, Dream Weaver with CSS 3, JQuery Implementation, Bootstrap, ASP.Net 4.5.

Adobe Illustrator CS6

4 Months
Course covers: Adobe Illustrator offers you tools you need to get professional - quality result. Tool Box, Filters, Effects, Masking, Path,3D Revolving and Extruding.

Diploma in Web Designing

4 Months
Modules Covered: This is a complete course oriented towards the designing of web pages, sites using various powerfull tools like HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Java Script, Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Advanced Diploma in Web Designing

6 Months
Modules Covered: Flash, Photoshop, HTML, Javascript, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, ASP. NET or PHP.

Web Engineering

8 Months
Course covers: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, 3D Max, HTML, Java Script, Dreamweaver, CSS, PHP, Live web hosting, Project.

Web Animation & Graphics

6 Months
Course covers: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Particle Illusion, HTML, Java Script, Dreamweaver.


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